Wiggle It - Dance your way out of depression with Lilly Wang

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2019

Lilly Wang is a social entrepreneur and mental health advocate who has discovered the magic of moving her body to move her mental state. In this interview with Karly Nimmo, she shares her experiences with grief, depression and anxiety, and lays bare all the tools that have supported her.


2:03 Karly shares the public dancing that brought Lilly into her world and together they discuss the impact that ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron has had on them.

7:32 Lilly delves into her backstory and shares what brought her to Australia and the creation of the Wiggle It project.

14:40 Lilly shares how the death of her father affected her and the support that helped her through.

19:50 Karly gives her take on depression and the suppression that precedes it.

23:26 Shutting down your creativity and finding your way back to authenticity.

27:00 Lilly traces her bouts of depression to the trigger and looks at the different support, treatments and tools she leans into.

34:38 The interconnectedness of depression and isolation.

37:39 Karly and Lilly riff on the power of vulnerability to combat shame and to give permission to others to open up.

41:48 Experiencing joy without booze.

45:17 Lilly shares her vision for her life 20 years from now.

49:38 Karly and Lilly offer you the opportunity to tap into your own 20 years of joy.

53:10 How to connect with Lilly and all the awesomeness she has planned for 2019.


Connect with Karly Nimmo at karlynimmo.com, Facebook and Instagram

You can find Lilly Wang at frothyliving.com and Instagram



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