Travel as a way of knowing liking and trusting yourself with Jo Murphy

Uncategorized May 17, 2019


Today, on Make Some Noise we meet Jo Murphy, a freelance social media specialist and digital nomad. She is helping business owners to get more confident and creative on social media.


In this episode of Make Some Noise, Karly and Jo talk about traveling and many other things. Jo shares her amazing stories from getting out of the abusive relationship to becoming a person that’s traveling around the world.


1:33 – A small introduction to Jo Murphy

5:08 – Jo talks about what was happening to her after getting out of the abusive relationship

21:26 – Karly and Jo talk about controlling things that are happening in life

39:48 – Jo speaks about hiking in Costa Rica and her fear of mountain lions

49:40 – “Things can be equally amazing and shit at the same time, and it’s often the shit that makes the things amazing”


To learn more and connect with Jo check out:


And connect with Karly Nimmo at:



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