The importance of play with Jessica Mcilveen

Uncategorized May 24, 2019


Meet Jessica Mcilveen, a qualified Social Worker and Children's Yoga and Meditation teacher who is revolutionizing the service options for children with special needs and those affected by trauma.


In this episode of Make Some Noise, Karly and Jessica chat about the importance of play. They talk about parenting, kids, but also about similarities between kids and adults.


1:39 – An introduction to Jessica Mcilveen

9:04 – Karly and Jessica talk about how some parents take feedback on their parenting as a personal attack

16:40 – Jessica explains a right brain hemisphere and left brain hemisphere

28:32 – “The magic of being able to get it through day to day is finding magical moments in those daily things”

34:42 – Karly and Jessica talk about how we have to embrace the beginerness in things

40:13 – Jessica talks about the brain giving us thoughts of avoiding danger


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