Podcast Artwork - What makes good artwork

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2019


Today in Rock Your Mic Right, Karly talks about what makes good artwork. She is explaining the importance of artwork when it comes to the success of your podcast and she is also giving us a lot of tips on how to make good artwork and what mistakes are a lot of podcasters making.
00:28 - A few of a common mistakes when it comes to artwork
03:07 - Putting yourself in the artwork
05:35 - Don't have a photo of you unless it tells more of the story
06:00 - The artwork must tell the part of the story
06:48 - The image and the font can play a big part in successful artwork
09:07 - Artwork is having an impact
10:55 - Get rid of the word "podcast" from your artwork and from your show title
To connect with Karly follow her on instagram, or drop her a line with your topic ideas and questions at karlynimmo.com

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