Playing the role of you with Callie Brown

Uncategorized May 10, 2019


Meet Callie Brown, a Clarity Coach and soul stimulator. Callie supports women to connect, articulate and celebrate their core essence and nature. Awakening conscious choice, possibility and a heart inspired direction to open up an intentional daily life that feels deeply aligned and really good!


In this episode of Make Some Noise, Karly and Callie talk about acting and creativity. They tell their stories as Callie shares with us her journey from actor to coach.


1:53 – A small introduction to Callie Brown

15:38 – Callie talks about what performance means to her now

24:04 – “Waiting for the break will break you”

36:35 – Callie speaks how we mostly already have what we are going after

40:47 – Callie talks about her journey from actor to coach


To learn more and connect with Callie check out:


And connect with Karly Nimmo at:



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