Music expression as a tool for minimising sensory processing issues and anxiety

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2019

Allison Davies is a brain care specialist, Neurologic Music Therapist, educator, advocate, speaker, mum and wife. Today Allison chats with Karly about her lived experience of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder, and shares tips and tricks for reducing overwhelm and tools for managing anxiety.

Allison was named a 2016 National AMP Tomorrow Maker for her contribution to creating a better tomorrow for Australian families. In 2018 Allison received third place in both the ‘Women Will Change the World’ and ‘Making a Difference’ National AusMumpreneur Awards.

2:04 Karly and Allison agree on the value of sharing lived experiences of mental health challenges.

4:42 Allison uncovers the limitations with the current therapeutic model in which children are helped with their sensory processing disorder. She shares her fresh, educational approach focused on brain care and empowering parents to be the changemakers for their child.

8:01 Allison gets technical and helps us understand the difference between music therapy and neurologic music therapy.

10:08 There is no more powerful support tool for the brain than music!

15:00 Karly and Allison chat about the impact singing has on our bodies and how every single one of us can and should sing.

17:26 Expression and brain health – Allison and Karly riff on the importance of non-verbal communication.

24:46 Karly and Allison look at survival mode and what is happening in our bodies in that phase. Allison shares candidly about a big meltdown.

26:47 It’s actually okay to smash shit. The lack of social acceptability of anger.

32:22 Allison breaks down the difference between sensory overload and sensory processing disorder.

35:13 The brain’s age-old purpose and how modern-day living has totally overwhelmed it.

37:52 Karly asks Allison how we can protect ourselves from the enormous sensory input our brains receive every day.

42:44 Karly and Allison look at expression of emotions and emotional release. Allison links melody, long term memories and emotions.

46:25 Allison shares her favourite form of expression and the chat moves to chanting and the power of repetition and simple melodies.

51:25 Allison provides the lowdown on her incredible e-course Brains = Behaviours and her online music store.Connect with Karly Nimmo at, Facebook and Instagram

You can find Allison Davies at, Facebook and Instagram



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