Kids, anxiety and art therapy and Mum's and creativity

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2019

Karly speaks with the wildly creative and intelligent Anna Kellerman – educational psychologist, registered art therapist and entrepreneur who is passionate about art, kids, sharing and disrupting mother guilt. The women explore the process and benefits of art therapy for children and inspire you to return to your creative heart to bring more joy into your life.


2:41 Anna shares how she came to specialise in art therapy and provides an outline of her work in this space.

6:48 The potential effects of not externalising anxiety and the role creativity can play in moving things from the inner to the outer.

9:45 Anna places children into two basic categories and shares how she approaches therapy with them.

17:51 Case example – one boy’s journey through art therapy with generalised anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

24:42 The process and flow of art therapy.

28:19 Karly shares her freeing experience of returning to singing.

31:51 Anna provides an insight into her Mama Creatives community and why she created it.

34:42 Motherhood doesn’t need to hold you back from your creativity.

37:21 Bringing back your childhood joy.

41:09 Karly shares how she has brought creativity into her parenting.

43:04 Karly and Anna touch on the emotions good art can create and the prevalence of numbing ourselves.

47:29 The connection between art therapy for children and the mama creatives community.

48:44 The cost of suppressing our emotions and who we are – and the flip side of that.

51:01 Parting thoughts from Anna Kellerman and a discussion on finding joy again.


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