Karine Bell - Culture and history and how it shapes our lived experience

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2019


Today, on Make Some Noise we meet Karine Bell, a Somatic Educator and Certified Mindfulness Instructor. She is also an anthropologist by training bringing culture and history to bear on an understanding of how a disconnection from the body has shaped our lived experience.


In this episode, Karly and Karine talk about the role of creativity in communities. Karine shares with us her incredible story about her time in Black Baptist Church where she was doing a dance program. She inspires us with her story to embrace our emotions and feel free to express them.


1:45 – A short introduction to Karine Bell

5:50 – Karly and Karine talk about how sometimes people leave with anxiety so long that they start thinking that it’s normal

13:14 – Karline tells her story about doing dance program in a Black Baptist Church

38:54 – “How we meet the experience like grief is going to influents how we are going to experience those moments”

47:12 – Karine talks about helping people learn to be with emotions as they come up

56:28 – Karine Bell tell us about the work that she is doing now


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