How to read a script and not sound like you are reading a script

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2019


Today in Rock Your Mic Right, Karly talks about how to read a script and not sound like you are reading the script. She shares her story on how she got her skills and became a voiceover artist, and she gives us some useful tips like writing the same way as we speak, listening to ourselves, reading out loud and many other ways to improve our skills.


00:15 – To script or not to script and how to read and sound like you are not reading

02:45 – Honor your style and think about how you best work

06:58 – Karly talks about radio and how she got the skills that she is still using today

09:09 – When you’re writing a radio ad copy, you are writing it for speech

11:44 – How to read without sounding like you are reading

15:20 – Make sure to became aware of speech patterns

17:00 – We need to have energy while we are reading


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