How do I record and structure a solo podcast episode

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020


In today's episode of Rock Your Mic Right, Karly talks about how to record and structure a solo podcast episode. She is explaining us why solo podcast is a good idea and she gives us a lot of tips while telling us her way of doing it.


01:33 – We do what we have to do as podcasters to get our content out there

03:18 – Injecting a little bit more you into your show can be a really great way for people to connect with you

04:55 – Don't let yourself be turned off by thinking that you don't have enough to say

06:12 – How do I do this often batching?

08:24 – What comes next is some kind of structure

10:57 – Having some kind of way to end really helps you be able to end rather than just go on


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