East meets West - Psychiatry and Higher Purpose

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2019


Meet Dr. Marianne van den Broek, a psychiatrist and coach who helps ambitious women achieve their goals by remembering who they truly are. Marianne spent 9 years working in academia as a researcher (PhD) and clinician (MD). Meanwhile, she had 2 children in 1 year.


In this episode, Karly and Marianne share their stories as they talk about mental health. Marianne explains us what psychiatry is and talks about mental health from a psychiatrist perspective.


1:52 – A small introduction to Marianne van den Broek

6:05 – Marianne talks about the difference between psychiatry and other therapies

14:56 - “Looking at the person gives you more insights than looking at the brain”

19:50 – Karly and Marianne talk about what can we do to stop the lineage from affecting our kids

32:45 – Marianne speaks about what made her go into mixing Eastern and Western medicine

45:28 – “We are all plugged in the same plug”


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