Death and dying and grief and joy and art with Bronwyn Ward

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2019

Meet Bronwyn Ward, a drawing and printmaking artist and arts and health practitioner. Bronwyn lived in England for thirteen years where she worked as both an artist and a palliative care therapist. And today's conversation explores the huge role that art can play in helping improve our death literacy.


Karly and Bronwyn chat about everything from how to talk to those dealing with loss, to creating compassionate communities, to the importance of cultivating creativity in your life - especially if you are not artistic.


2:00 - An introduction to Bronwyn and bit of the backstory about what lead her to work in palliative care and her commitment to death literacy.

7:40 - The parallels between birth and death, connecting and supporting those dealing with loss, and how art can open up conversations that may otherwise be left unsaid.

18:50 - The complexities of grief and the grief loop

24:00 - How Bronwyn brought together her palliative care history and art... the idea of a compassionate community.

29:20 - The importance of prioritising, cultivating and encouraging creativity and creative thinking.

38:00 - Art as a process, not an outcome.

40:40 - An invite to take up the #deskdrawerchallenge


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