Burn out, adrenal fatigue and exploring yourself through art with Bel Ryan

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2019

Today, on Make Some Noise, we meet Bel Ryan, an Art Therapist with a wealth of experience in supporting youth, cancer patients and patients in palliative care. Bel has a passion for providing innovative workplace wellbeing programs after witnessing burnout and vicarious trauma in her own work.


Today’s discussion is an exploration of the connection between creativity and burnout, and the benefits of art therapy to access and process our internal world.


2:14 Bel shares her passion for art therapy as a tool for exploring what is happening in a person’s world, and her current focus on workplace wellbeing.

7:36 Karly and Bel look at the common threads between those who work themselves to burnout.

10:15 The power of art therapy to allow exploration of the grey space, outside of structure, plans and certainty.

11:55 Karly and Bel riff on the link between losing touch with our creativity and mental health issues.

17:59 The discussion turns to the power of creativity in conjunction with connection with ourself and others.

21:27 Bel speaks about offering support - words said with love that can actually discount a person’s experience and ways in which we can sit in genuine support of another.

28:59 Karly asks Bel for the signs of burnout and when to take action before it leads to an implosion.

33:15 Karly and Bel recognise the benefits of curiosity and questioning what is happening for us, within a safe space.

37:12 Bel shares her beautiful daily practice of connecting inward to process her stuff.

44:49 All the details you need to keep up with Bel and her work.


Connect with Karly Nimmo at karlynimmo.com, Facebook and Instagram

You can find Belinda Ryan at ignitearttherapies.com.au, Facebook and Instagram



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