Karine Bell - Culture and history and how it shapes our lived experience

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2019


Today, on Make Some Noise we meet Karine Bell, a Somatic Educator and Certified Mindfulness Instructor. She is also an anthropologist by training bringing culture and history to bear on an understanding of how a disconnection from the body has shaped our lived experience.


In this episode, Karly and Karine talk about the role of creativity in communities. Karine shares with us her incredible story about her time in Black Baptist Church where she was doing a dance program. She inspires us with her story to embrace our emotions and feel free to express them.


1:45 – A short introduction to Karine Bell

5:50 – Karly and Karine talk about how sometimes people leave with anxiety so long that they start thinking that it’s normal

13:14 – Karline tells her story about doing dance program in a Black Baptist Church

38:54 – “How we meet the experience like grief is going to influents how we are going to experience those moments”


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Sanchia Marshall - Post Natal Depression and Art as Business

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2019


Meet Sanchia Marshall, a watercolour artist from Brisbane. After having children, Sanchia went through post-natal depression which led her to rekindle her love of drawing, and she rediscovered the joy of painting with acrylics and watercolours.


In this episode, Karly and Sanchia talk about the way that art can help you when you experience depression. They chat about turning art into business and ways to deal with pressure.


3:56 – An introduction to Sanchia and role of creativity in her childhood

9:58 - The reasons why Sanchia started to explore creating

15:20 - Karly and Sanchia talk about pressure being the reason why people don't want to turn their art into business

18:26 - Sanchia talks about the first time that she has experienced depression

30:55 – “People are so uncomfortable with other people feeling shit”

39:16 – Karly and Sanchia talk about learing more about yourself through the process of creating art


To learn...

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Birth Trauma Disconnection from your body and Dance

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2019

Today, on Make Some Noise we meet Sharon Pakir, a speaker, trainer, coach and facilitator. She is a director of The Trailblazer Tribe — a company that helps its clients achieve personal, professional, and business growth.


In this episode, Sharon shares her incredible story with us. Sharon and Karly discuss trauma after an experience with death and huge medical trauma during the birth of her 2nd son and the way that art can help you overcome the worst periods in your life.


1:33 – An introduction of Sharon Pakir and a little background of what she does

3:48 – The beginning of her incredible story

27:25 – Sharon speaks about using art to help you with your trauma

33:00 – Karly and Sharon talks about how we all feel lonely which is the reason why we want to do anything so our kids doesn’t feel the same

38:00 - The rough period that we are going through is often reflected on our bodies.

48:40 – Sharon talks about learning to love...

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Embracing the Mighty Ugly in the Art of Creation

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2019


Today, on Make Some Noise, we meet Kim Werker, a writer and editor. She is the author of half a dozen crochet books and Make It Mighty Ugly, a guide to vanquishing creative demons.


In this episode, Kim and Karly chat about the ways to realize that there are no rules in creativity other than those rules that you’ve set up for yourself. They talk about fear, expectations and the fact that art is anything that you create no matter what majority of people would think about it.


2:09 – An introduction to Kim and reasons why she started to express her creativity

7:20 – Mighty Ugly and what was the story behind the project

23:10 - Kim and Karly talk about the fact that art does not have to avoid the ugly side

30:19 - The way that lack of expectations to create something beautiful is giving you more freedom to express your creativity

37:30 – Kim and Karly chat on how fear shouldn’t stop people from trying to create anything

46:35 -...

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Engineer to Art Therapist with Lina Carvajal

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2019


Lina Carvajal is a professionally-certified Life Coach, Art Therapist and Counsellor. She has worked as an Engineer in Colombia before coming to Australia and begun her journey through art therapy.


In this episode, Lina and Karly chat about making positive changes in life. Lina inspires us with her incredible story to get creativity back in our lives and accept ourselves as who we are instead of trying to fulfill all these unnecessary expectations.


2:18 - An introduction to Lina and her path of being an engineer to becoming an artist.

8:25 - Lina talks on how language barrier made things harder for her.

13:10 - First contact with art therapy and struggles to get your creativity back as an adult.

17:01 - Lina and Karly discuss expectations and how they can get you on the wrong path when you search for happiness.

23:01 - Creativity is all about the process, not about final product.

34:30 - Karly and Lina discuss how accepting yourself as an artist and the best...

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Death and dying and grief and joy and art with Bronwyn Ward

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2019

Meet Bronwyn Ward, a drawing and printmaking artist and arts and health practitioner. Bronwyn lived in England for thirteen years where she worked as both an artist and a palliative care therapist. And today's conversation explores the huge role that art can play in helping improve our death literacy.


Karly and Bronwyn chat about everything from how to talk to those dealing with loss, to creating compassionate communities, to the importance of cultivating creativity in your life - especially if you are not artistic.


2:00 - An introduction to Bronwyn and bit of the backstory about what lead her to work in palliative care and her commitment to death literacy.

7:40 - The parallels between birth and death, connecting and supporting those dealing with loss, and how art can open up conversations that may otherwise be left unsaid.

18:50 - The complexities of grief and the grief loop

24:00 - How Bronwyn brought together her palliative care history and art... the idea of a...

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Making sweet music from your trauma and grief with Shawn Madden

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2019

Meet Shawn Madden, a talented musician who brings the gift of song to his clients by collaboratively writing the song their heart is calling to have written.


In this episode, Shawn and Karly talk about the role of music and community in our lives. Shawn inspires us to acknowledge and connect with our own voice and innate music. The value of music at a familial and community level is brought into the light and Shawn plays live two songs from his storytelling collaborations.


0:33 Meet Shawn and discover his relationship with music.

2:10 Shawn shares his refocus from fostering community to actually experiencing what it is to be rooted in community.

6:26 The link between our separation from music as a language and the fracturing of family and community in our society today.

10:13 Hip hop is a re-indigenisation of music and a return to authentic storytelling.

12:37 Shawn talks about his focus on song writing with and for individuals who want to connect with their own...

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Burn out, adrenal fatigue and exploring yourself through art with Bel Ryan

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2019

Today, on Make Some Noise, we meet Bel Ryan, an Art Therapist with a wealth of experience in supporting youth, cancer patients and patients in palliative care. Bel has a passion for providing innovative workplace wellbeing programs after witnessing burnout and vicarious trauma in her own work.


Today’s discussion is an exploration of the connection between creativity and burnout, and the benefits of art therapy to access and process our internal world.


2:14 Bel shares her passion for art therapy as a tool for exploring what is happening in a person’s world, and her current focus on workplace wellbeing.

7:36 Karly and Bel look at the common threads between those who work themselves to burnout.

10:15 The power of art therapy to allow exploration of the grey space, outside of structure, plans and certainty.

11:55 Karly and Bel riff on the link between losing touch with our creativity and mental health issues.

17:59 The discussion turns to the power of...

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What is creative somatic experiencing - with Rachel Penn

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2019

After spending thousands on conventional therapy and hitting many road blocks in her own healing journey, Rachel Penn met an art therapist, who turned her life around in just two sessions. Rachel swore to herself that she would follow a similar path once she felt she had healed enough to be of service to others. 5 years later she began her journey into creative therapies.


Rachel felt there was an important piece missing in her training: the incorporation of the body, the nervous system, a sense of hope, connection and the incorporation of a souls mythology. So she went back to study Somatic Experiencing and now specializes in providing this unique creative therapy to people in addiction recovery and torture survivors.


1:20 Rachel shares her story of anxiety and recovery through art therapy.

4:30 Rachel provides an introduction to somatic experiencing.

9:37 Karly shares how leaning into artful expression of her feelings has been helpful.

11:16 Karly and Rachel chat...

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Kids, anxiety and art therapy and Mum's and creativity

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2019

Karly speaks with the wildly creative and intelligent Anna Kellerman – educational psychologist, registered art therapist and entrepreneur who is passionate about art, kids, sharing and disrupting mother guilt. The women explore the process and benefits of art therapy for children and inspire you to return to your creative heart to bring more joy into your life.


2:41 Anna shares how she came to specialise in art therapy and provides an outline of her work in this space.

6:48 The potential effects of not externalising anxiety and the role creativity can play in moving things from the inner to the outer.

9:45 Anna places children into two basic categories and shares how she approaches therapy with them.

17:51 Case example – one boy’s journey through art therapy with generalised anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

24:42 The process and flow of art therapy.

28:19 Karly shares her freeing experience of returning to singing.

31:51 Anna provides an insight...

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