5 Lessons from 250 episodes of Karlosophies

Uncategorized Dec 06, 2019


In today’s episode of Rock Your Mic Right, Karly shares 5 lessons from 250 episodes of Karlosophies. After 5 years of consistency, she shares the most important lessons that she learned about podcasting.


02:42 – We all start somewhere and we don't need to have our shit together

04:53 – We never know where speaking our truth is going to lead us

06:10 – Trust is more important than marketing

07:00 – We are all looking for clever tactics and we are not considering podcast behavior

08:10 – You never know who is listening

11:09 – Growth is rarely comfortable

14:09 – Podcasting requires us to be committed


To connect with Karly follow her on instagram, or drop her a line with your topic ideas and questions at karlynimmo.com

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